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About Shi Jindian’s Works 关于师进滇的作品

Shi Jindian’s works are based on destruction and reconstruction of real objects. His works, such as “Beijing Jeep BJ-212”, are based on industrial products with particular significance in social, political and cultural life, as well as symbols of the times. The transformation of this kind of strong symbolic objects from materiality to unfamiliarity eventually generates an unexpected sense of fascination. This time-consuming and calm, meditation-like creative process and the manpower involved are the artist’s total objection to the industrial products destructed. To him, all the initiatives might merely be ignited by the desire to a change in traditional artistic language of sculptures, but in terms of the cultural aspect, it is an effective means to execute the analysis of cultural symbols.

Shi Jindian was born in 1953 in China’s Yunnan Province. He studied at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, and currently lives and works in Chengdu. Shi Jindian’s works can be found in the collections of prominent museums and organisations including The Montpellier Contemporary Chinese Art Biennale, France, Seoul Art Museum, Korea and The White Rabbit Contemporary Chinese Art Collection, Australia.


师进滇在1953年出生于中国云南省,于四川美术学院就读,现工作及生活于成都。师进滇的艺术创作经历了从传统雕塑到现代艺术转变的过程,这种转变让我们看到一个具有持续创造力的艺术家的“有机知识分子”特质。也正是因为这种持续的创造成果,使师进滇成为今天中国现当代艺术领域独具特色和价值的艺术家之一,备受艺术业界重视。他的作品也被国际著名公共机构收藏﹐包括法国蒙彼利埃-中国当代艺术双年展﹑韩国首尔艺术博物馆收藏及澳大利亚白兔美术馆 。


5000m Above Sea Level 海拔5000米

White Forest 白色树林


900 cylinders made by stainless steel wire, Length 60m. Wide 50m, High 2.5m.  In 2004.

Installations at Hermes Hong Kong & Shanghai 爱马仕装置作品


365 @ Hermes Hong Kong International Airport Store  爱马仕香港国际机场店

 Trio, Early summer 三重奏,初夏 @ Hermes Shanghai Store 爱马仕上海专卖店

Eight Months Pregnant-八月怀胎


师进滇 Shi Jindian,怀胎八月(两件)Eight Months Pregnant

Black Rhythm-黑色的节奏



Stainless Steel Wire, Charcoal

Cello 大提琴



师进滇 Shi Jindian, 圣桑的天鹅 The Swan of Saint-Saens , 138 x 44 x 30 cm, 不锈钢丝着色 、木炭 Coloured Stainless Steel Wire


Three Steps 三步